Officers of the RCSC

Current RCSC Executive Committee



Lauren Kilroy-Ewbank, Art History


Pepperdine University

 Webmaster and Media Coordinator

Heather Graham, Art History


California State University, Long Beach


Barbara Mello, English

California State University, Long Beach


Sophia McCabe

University of California, Santa Barbara

Ex-Officio Members of the RCSC Executive Committee

(listed by the year their term ended)

Kent Lehnhof, English, Chapman University, 2018

Wendy Furman-Adams, English, Whittier College, 2017

Bryan Givens, History, Pepperdine University, 2016

Andrew Griffin, English, UCSB, 2015

Martine Van Elk, English, CSU-Long Beach, 2014

Andy Fleck, English, 2013 (now at UT-El Paso)


Promoting study of the period c. 1300–1800