Sponsored Panels for RSA 2019

As an Associate Organization of the Renaissance Society of America, we will be sponsoring up to four panels at next year’s RSA conference in Toronto (17–19 March 2019). We seek proposals for complete panels on any subject of the Renaissance world. Please see the details below about what is expected to propose a panel or consult the RSA website. Per RSA rules, graduate students are permitted on panels, but they must be within 1-2 years of defending their dissertations (see here for more information from RSA). The deadline for consideration is August 1, 2018. Please send your submission (the panel proposal and the information about each paper presenter) to the current RCSC president (lauren.kilroy@pepperdine.edu).


For a Panel proposal, you will need:

  • panel title (15-word maximum)
  • panel keywords
  • a/v requests
  • panel chair
  • respondent (optional)
  • general discipline area (History, Art History, Literature, or other)

Each paper presenter must provide:

  • paper title (15-word maximum)
  • abstract (150-word maximum)
  • curriculum vitae (.pdf or .doc upload)
  • PhD completion date (past or expected)
  • full name, current affiliation, and email address

Promoting study of the period c. 1300–1800