RCSC 2022 Virtual Conference Program

Renaissance Conference of Southern California 65th Annual Conference

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Friday, 18 March 2022

4:30–5:30pm Pacific ❧ 

Welcoming remarks, Sophia Quach McCabe, RCSC President 
Introduction to the Huntington Library, Steve Hindle, W. M. Keck Foundation Director of Research at the Huntington Library

Saturday, 19 March 2022

9:00–10:30am Pacific
Cross-Cultural Currents in Early Modern Studies

Moderator: Sophia Quach McCabe (University of California, Santa Barbara) 

Zirwat Chowdhury (Art History, University of California, Los Angeles)
Claire Farago (Art History, University of Colorado Boulder; Center for Early Global Studies at UCLA) 
Fabio Rambelli (Religious Studies and East Asian Languages and Cultural Studies, University of California, Santa Barbara)

10:30–10:45am Pacific – BREAK ❧ 

10:45am–12:35pm Pacific – SESSION ONE

Brief Overview of Zoom Logistics, Brittany Asaro, RCSC Secretary

Breakout Room 1 – Embodied Experience: Sensation, Affect, and Disability in Seventeenth-Century British Literature
Chair: Elizabeth Mazzola (The City College of New York)
James Kearney (University of California, Santa Barbara), “Shipwrecked Affect: Catastrophe and Embodied Response in The Winter’s Tale”
Olivia Henderson (University of California, Santa Barbara), “‘The World, Said They, Would Be But Blind Without Them’: Destabilizing Standards of Ablebodiness through Lens Technology in The Blazing World
Shaun Nowicki (University of California, Santa Barbara), “‘​​The Way to Know Were Not to See but Taste’: Sensation, Agency, and Disabled Knowledge in Samson Agonistes
Olivia Bievenue (University of California, Santa Barbara), “An Unaccommodated King: Using Dismodernism to Interpret Disability in Stagings of King Lear

Breakout Room 2 – Sites and Settings in/of Art and Architecture
Chair: Marta Faust (Independent Scholar) 
Allyson Burgess Williams (San Diego State University), “Passions, Emotions, and Ducal Wellness: Dosso Dossi’s Bedroom Ceiling Paintings for Alfonso I d’Este of Ferrara”
Emanuele Castoldi (Università degli Studi di Verona), “Santa Maria degli Angeli di Murano: Episodes of Renaissance Venice”
Jessica Sternbach (Temple University), “Pastoral Reprise: The Pastoral Revival in Dutch Seventeenth-Century Music Paintings”
Tatiana Sizonenko (California State University, San Marcos), “Venetian Architecture in Moscow: Alvise Lamberti da Montagnano (Known as Aleviz Novyi, ‘The New’) and His Legacy”

Breakout Room 3 – Early Modern Cultures and the Construction of Selves
Chair: Katherine Walker (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) 
Reem Taha (University of California, Santa Barbara), “Fatima/Ana as a ‘Most Wily Bird’: Accessing Morisca Agency Through Gaps and Silences in Inquisition Records”
Eunwoo Yoo (University of California, Santa Barbara), “‘Edifying Punch and Brandy’: Food and Race-Making in Seventeenth-Century Jamestown”
Jennifer Meissner (University of California, Santa Barbara), “Charlotte de Trémoille: Letter Writing, Youth, and the Construction of Identity in Seventeenth-Century France”
Hailey Boutelle (Texas Christian University), “Penitence and Disruption: La Roldana and Strategies of Subversion in the Early Modern Woman Artist”

12:35–1:45pm Pacific – BREAK

1:45–3:30pm Pacific – SESSION TWO

Breakout Room 1 – Early Modern British World(s)
Chair: Marlin E. Blaine (California State University, Fullerton) 
Hayley Cotter (University of Massachusetts, Amherst), “The Sea’s Sole Sovereign: The Faerie Queene and Maritime Law”
Bryan Givens (Pepperdine University), “Fallen Phoenix: The Disintegration of Messianic Hopes for Charles I of England”
Amos Tubb (Centre College), “Winning the Battle, Losing the War: Press Reports of the Siege of Colchester”
Kay Stanton (California State University, Fullerton), “Wormholes in the Oak and Wall: Entering the Quantum Physics Parallel World of A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Breakout Room 2 – Shakespeare and Gender
Chair: Barbara Mello (California State University, Long Beach) 
Christina Kolias (Claremont Graduate University), “Hamlet and Macbeth: Shakespeare’s Appropriation of Graeco-Roman Witch Tropes”
Jiamiao Chen (University of Bristol), “‘Let Her Paint an Inch Thick’: The Palimpsestic Hamlet and the Tragedy of Ophelia”
Katherine Walker (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), “‘Alas, She Has No Speech!’: Emilia’s Trauma ”

Breakout Room 3 – Visual Adjudications in the Early Modern World
Chair: Allyson Burgess Williams (San Diego State University)
Giancarlo Fiorenza (California State Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo), “Marcantonio Raimondi,  Franceso Francia, and the Portrayal of the Judgment of Paris in Renaissance Bologna”
María Lumbreras (University of California, Santa Barbara), “Cristóbal de Acosta’s Retratos: Portraiture and the Law in Early Modern Castile”
Christine Sellin (California Lutheran University), “Assembling America: The Illustrations of the Raleigh-Keymis Guiana Volume of 1598, Published by Cornelis Claesz”

3:30 – 3:45 Pacific – CLOSING REMARKS
Thanks to outgoing RCSC President, Sophia Quach McCabe
Welcome to incoming RCSC President,
Marlin E. Blaine
Call for interest, RCSC Treasurer

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