About RCSC

Welcome to the website for the annual Renaissance Conference of Southern California.

The RCSC promotes study of the period c. 1300–1800, broadly interpreting the Renaissance within a global framework.

About the RCSC

The Renaissance Conference of Southern California (RCSC) is a scholarly association dedicated to the advancement of learning in Renaissance Studies. Since 1956, the RCSC has sponsored and organized conferences at centers of learning in Southern California. Our conference brings together academics, students, and independent scholars whose interests include the history, literature, visual arts, architecture, music, theater, religion, rhetoric, science, and languages of the Renaissance. The RCSC is an affiliate of the Renaissance Society of America.

The RCSC holds an annual conference at the Huntington Library, located in San Marino, CA. The Huntington holds one of the finest collections of Renaissance books and manuscripts in the United States and provides a conference venue of exceptional beauty and interest.

Check out our page for the Annual Conference at the Huntington!

The 2019 conference will take place on March 9, 2019.


Any questions about RCSC or the annual conference can be directed to  the current Webmaster and Media Coordinator.

For 2018–2019, the RCSC Webmaster and Media Coordinator is Heather Graham (Art History, California State University, Long Beach, heather.graham@csulb.edu)

Promoting study of the period c. 1300–1800